Sunday, 25 March 2012


No hard feeling to anyone but its the most funniest part of indian democracy
let me put a joke first, its somewhat non-veg but still 

RAJ went to an interview for an government job
OFFICER: It looks like you are handicapped can u specify your weakness
RAJ: Sir i lost my balls in an accident.
OFFICER: OK your job is fixed but your timing will be somewhat different from others , for all its 10-5 but for you it will be from 12-5.
RAJ: but why sir???
OFFICER: In an government job we scratch our balls from 10-12 :-p :-p:-p

If you ever been to an Indian government office you will be laughing your ass of at that joke others will laugh after the blog. 
Everyone working there is a zombie, i mean they will look disinterested all throughout the day. they will never answer any of your question directly, all they will say will be "WAHA JAO" (go there) an
d the best thing is he/she will not tell where to go and  the best est is that he will even show attitude if you will ask him again the same question. And the there will be aunties, they are like sitting for nothing it is like they will not do anything themselves and they will be least interested in work but in chit chats. And that too useless chit chat, they can held you waiting for long without any purpose. The most difficult task is to make those people do your work in a single day of work, they are sitting there just to find faults in you. Suppose you have all the things ready with you but still they will find something wrong and will make you come some other day. There will always be a watchmen over there who is there to distract you, he will always tell you the wrong direction and the wrong person. Out of all the things the take lunch break very seriously, they take it so seriously that they do overtime on lunch breaks. 
Atlast i want to say that It is the best and the funniest place in india where disinterested people will make you suffer and hence make you laugh.


For a long time i was planning to write something interesting but was facing a lack of interesting topics. but one fine day i was just moving around the street and came across something very funny but indeed very common site. the i was like why not write something about the things happening around me in INDIA . Yaa i am from india and with my blog i will try to make you see the funny side of india and believe me its really funny. There are lakhs of blogs in the market and to be true i also have some in the market but i will not love to disclose them because they were lame. SO IF U READ MY BLOGS DO COMMENT IT WILL HELP ME TO IMPROVE MY WRITING...........